August 18th & 19th, 2023
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Flint Oak Excursion.

Choice of 2 gun Field Hunt, 2 gun Duck Hunt or 2 gun Open European (13 of them scheduled this coming Hunt season) Retail value of $1,440.00 European Hunt European shoots are a great way to introduce your friends or business clients to Flint Oak. They are designed for private groups of all sizes. This type of shoot is ideal for those not able to Field Hunt. When you factor in the unpredictability of Kansas weather, even the most experienced shooter will be challenged, while the novice will have an enjoyable experience hunting with friends. The camaraderie and atmosphere of these shoots is a great tool for team building. With all this in mind, why not schedule your European Shoot soon? Field Hunts at Flint Oak Old fashion bird hunting is what Flint Oak does best. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff of guides will offer as much help to the beginner as needed, while giving the experienced hunter time to enjoy the great outdoors with fantastic customer service and superior dog work. Our fully guided field hunts consist of from one to three (maximum) hunters accompanied by a guide and his or her team of well trained bird dogs. The hunt lasts for 3 hours and involves walking through some of the most beautiful scenery Kansas has to offer, including creeks, hills and oak savannah type cover. There are few things as exciting and enjoyable as watching a brace of well trained dogs pointing a mixed bag of Quail, Pheasant and Chukar. If you are not able to walk for that length of time, we also offer vehicle assisted (gator) hunts, which consists of up to three hunters riding a four wheeled vehicle to the dogs on point. You will dismount and walk up on these quivering bundles of energy, flush the birds, then remount your specially equipped vehicle and driving to the next point. We have many hunters well into their 80's who can still enjoy this wonderful sport along with the company of friends and family. Magic moments have happened for all involved when we have had up to three generations in the field at the same time experiencing the serendipity of Flint Oak. Your field hunt will start with our first class guides picking you up at the Lodge at 9:00 for a morning hunt, or 1:30 for an afternoon hunt. On your way to the fields, your personal guide will give a safety briefing to your party to insure all guest are ready for the task at hand. At Flint Oak we take safety very seriously, and pride ourselves in our safety record. The safety of our gun dogs is just as important to us as the safety of our hunters and guides. Your guide will also make sure all understand the importance of never shooting at low flying game. Proper clothing is essential to the enjoyment of the sport. Flint Oak requires eye protection for all shooting activities. We require all hunters to wear a blaze orange hat at all times afield. The Kansas weather can change quickly and dressing in layers is recommended. When hunting upland birds, it is extremely important to be highly visible to both the guides and your fellow hunters as it requires the hunters and guides to be close to each other, and during covey rises and flushes birds may fly in all directions. Safety, communication and visibility of the entire party and dogs is the main role of our guides. Our upland bird hunting is a sport that can be an extremely rewarding experience when done properly, and it is our goal to make your hunt safe and enjoyable with memories to last a lifetime. Duck Hunting at Flint Oak Duck Hunting is bigger and better than ever, consisting of four new twenty-eight feet pit blinds at West Lake for the shooting comfort of our Members. They were so well received that during the season we actually had to turn away Members and their guests who did not get their reservations in early, don't wait too long to book your hunts. Duck Hunts go out around 6:15-6:30 am depending on the time of year and legal shooting hours. Your Guide will have hot coffee and a huge breakfast burrito ready to get your early morning jump started before the fast paced action of decoying Mallards begins. We almost always finish by 8:30 am, so that you have the option of returning to the Lodge in time for a morning Field Hunt or Private European starting at 9:00 am. The adventurous hunters, who cannot cram enough into one day, are booking early morning Duck Hunts, morning Field Hunts and a European after lunch for what we call the Flint Oak triathlon. If you were to add some 5- stand Knock Out followed with a fantastic meal in the Lodge…we promise that you will have no problem falling asleep in your lodge room with memories of "Magic Moments" from your day afield! Bracelet - 2020 Guns

2019 Gun Raffle

Tickets for the gun raffle can be bought at the rodeo or anytime prior to the rodeo by contacting any committee member or emailing

2019 Chinks Raffle

Hunn Leather, Augusta, KS has donated a pair of chinks that will be raffled at the rodeo. Tickets are $2.00 each or 6 for $10.00

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