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Celebrating the Rodeo Spirit

Eureka Pro Rodeo is a professional committee that is dedicated to celebrating the spirit of rodeo. Our team is passionate about bringing the excitement of cowboys, cattle, roping, and riding bulls to life. We are committed to creating unforgettable experiences for rodeo

enthusiasts of all ages.

Jamie Nelson

Rodeo Committee President

*Not all members are present in photo.


Dedicated to Perfecting the Rodeo Experience

Committee Board

Jamie Nelson, President

Brian Mongeau, Vice-president

Melissa Richard, Treasurer

Sheri Mundhenke, Secretary

Committee Members

Adkins, Luke

Brenton, Tyson

Burke, Jasey

Burtin, Missy

Clark, Edi

Collinge, Glen

Collinge, Rachel

Edmondson, Joel

Escareno, Brent

Farr, Warren

Gudde, Josh

Gudde, Megan

Johnson, Alan

Johnson, Clint

Martinsen, Kris

Mast, Ron

Mast, Zach

Miller, Craig

Miller, Kathy

Mongeau, Brian, VP

Mundhenke, Sheri, Sec

Nelson, Jamie, Pres

Nelson, Stephanie

Richard, Melissa, Treas

Richard, Steve

*Bailey, Wayne

*Bailey, Wes

*Brink, Marilyn

*Brown, Pam

*Teagarden, John

*Seiter, Leslie

* Denotes Honorary

Committee Members

With a deep love for the rodeo lifestyle, we're dedicated to turning the vision of Eureka Pro Rodeo Committee into a thrilling reality. Our committee is dedicated to fostering community spirit and heritage by delivering a premier rodeo event that unites and inspires. 

Thank you!

Committee Members

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